Annoying Xylella is transmitted through vector insects (Cicaline, Cicadellidae family) that with the mouthparts of the “pungent – sucking” type acquire the bacterium by feeding from the xylem vessels of infected plants and transmit it to the healthy ones. The Buzzards are a cosmopolitan family with high polyphagia and this aspect is fundamental for the study of the diseases associated to X. f. These vectors, nourishing with various modalities, (insects with phloematic nutrition), xylem and parenchymatics) of the lymph present in the pots of the infected plant, determine the rapid diffusion of the bacterium towards other healthy, spontaneous and cultivated plants.

Verifiability and Controllability of Measures (VCM)
Computer system made available by the National Rural Network, in order to ensure uniformity in the execution of checks and jointly evaluate the methods of execution of checks and correct compilation of the appropriate checklists.