Written procedures

Pursuant to Art. 4 of the Internal Regulations (RI), written consultation of the RDP 2014-2022 Monitoring Committee may be activated in the cases referred to in Art. 3 para. 5. 3 (postponement or necessity). 

A postponement occurs when, at the end of the meeting or of a subsequent meeting, the need for an amendment has arisen which requires further discussion of the agenda. 

It is the task of the technical secretariat of the Managing Authority to send by e-mail the documents to be examined to all the members of the Committee. 

The latter shall, in writing, give their opinion within ten working days of the date of dispatch, or within five working days in cases of justified urgency. 

Where an approval is foreseen on the agenda, the relevant deliberation shall be deemed to have been approved if no written objections are received within these time limits from the members who must give their consent. 

If a member of the Committee fails to deliver an opinion in writing, this shall be deemed to constitute assent to the proposal and reasons shall be given for any refusal.


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