Guest plants
Xylella fastidiosa affects over 150 plant species, including cultivated plants of agricultural interest (citrus, vine, peach, almond, olive, etc. ), ornamental species (oleander), forest species (maple, oak, etc. . ) and wild species (herbs and shrubs). The bacterium may be present in a latent state in many asymptomatic hosts (e. g. Artemisia douglasiana, Echinochloaspp) which constitute a source of inoculation for vectors. However, they are plants intended for planting, with the exception of seeds, belonging to the genera or species listed in the database of the Commission of host plants susceptible to Xylella Fastidosa in the territory of the European Union, in so far as they are found to be susceptible, in the territory of the EU, to the specified organism, or, if a Member State has delimited an area in relation to only one or more subspecies of the organism specified in accordance with Art. 4 par. 1, because they are found to be sensitive to that or those subspecies.