Active Farmer
Within the meaning of Article 9 of Regulation (EU) No 1307/2013 a natural or legal person or a group of natural or legal persons - regardless of the legal personality conferred by national law on that group and its members - whose holding is situated within the territorial scope of the Treaties within the meaning of Article 52 TEU in conjunction with Articles 349 and 355 TFEU and who exercises an agricultural activity. In order to be considered as such, the farmer must meet the requirements of Article 9 of Regulation (EU) No 1307/2013, as governed by Article 3 of Ministerial Decree No 6513 of 18/11/2014 and, pursuant to Article 1, paragraph 4 of Ministerial Decree No 1420 of 26/02/2015, verified and validated by AGEA with circular ACIU. 2016. 121 of 01/03/2016. A farmer is defined as “active” if he provides verifiable evidence, in the form requested by Member States, demonstrating any of the following situations: (a) the annual amount of direct payments shall be at least 5 % of the total receipts from non-agricultural activities in the most recent tax year for which such proof is available; (b) his agricultural activities are not insignificant; (c) his main activity or business purpose is the pursuit of an agricultural activity.

Administrative penalty
A reduction in the amount of support, which may extend to the entire amount, resulting in the exclusion of the entire amount of the application, pursuant to the Mipaaf Decree of 25/01/2017 and the regional implementing provisions.

Agricultural products
The products listed in Annex I to the Treaty, with the exception of fishery and aquaculture products. v) Primary agricultural production: the production of soil and livestock products, as listed in Annex I to the Treaty (TFEU), without further intervention to modify the nature of those products.

Application for Payment (DdP)
The application submitted by the beneficiary, following the granting of support, for the disbursement of the same in the forms allowed (advance payment, advance payment for progress of work (SAL) and balance).

Application for Support (DdS)
Application to participate in a given support scheme.