Temporary Association of Purpose (ATS)
Temporary or occasional aggregation between organisations in which the participants are not all enterprises in the strict sense of the word; moreover, the mandate to the lead organisation is not necessarily given for participation in a public notice, but for the design, presentation, implementation and testing of a project. The essential feature is that one of the participating bodies (lead partner) is given a special collective mandate with representation vis-à-vis the financing body. The lead partner, therefore, assumes the mandate to submit the project, the responsibility and coordination of the reporting of the activities financed up to the end of the project, the signing in the name and on behalf of the association of the acts necessary for the implementation of the project, the responsibility and general coordination of the project, the right to collect the sums disbursed by the funding body (both on account and in full payment) and, finally, the general administrative coordination.

Temporary Business Association (ATI)
Temporary and occasional aggregation of companies to carry out an activity, limited to the period necessary for its completion. It arises from the convenience, for two or more companies, to cooperate with each other for the dual purpose, on the one hand, to guarantee the client the complete and professional execution of the work, and on the other hand, not to be forced to resort to the establishment of a joint venture or a consortium

Territorial consistency of the file
The totality of the surfaces, the cadastral identifications and the annexed management titles, as well as the buildings, where existing, including the aerial photogrammetric, cartographic and remote sensing data in the possession of the administration (Presidential Decree 503/99 art. 3, par. 1, letter f), as well as other characteristics of the territory such as: altimetric band, rotation, irrigation, etc.

Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union 

Thematic Objective (TO)
Strategic lines of action

Total Standard Production (hereinafter referred to as TSP)
Is calculated by multiplying the unitary SO (of crops and/or animal species) by the respective quantity (area concerned and/or head of cattle) and adding up all the values obtained; Collective project: a project presented by Farmers'; Associations that provides for inter-company investments, tangible and intangible, in collective form, aimed at improving the profitability, competitiveness and sustainability of the farms of the members

Total Agricultural Area (hereinafter referred to as SAT)
Total area conducted under ownership and/or lease, as recorded in the farm's file

Training project
Training activity consisting of a collective training course or individual transfer activities or coaching activities