Lead partner
One of the participants in the cooperation group who submits an application for support to which the other participants confer, in a single act, a special collective mandate of representation. The Lead Partner submits the application for support in the name and on behalf of all the participants and assumes the overall coordination function. The Lead Partner is the point of contact with the Regional Administration for all the technical and administrative aspects related to the requests for support and the practices eligible for funding. In the event of admission to funding, the Lead Partner shall submit, in the name and on behalf of all the participants, the applications relating to the subsequent phases and applications. The Lead Partner receives the public contribution and, according to the procedures indicated respectively in the special collective mandate of representation, transfers part of this contribution to the other participants

Local Action Groups (LAGs): groups of public and private actors, representative of the different socio-economic contexts, operating on specific homogeneous areas as defined by the Measure 19 sheet of the Puglia 2014-2020 RDP;

Local Action Plans (LAPs): document through which the LAG translates the objectives into concrete actions;

Local Development Strategy (LSD): Coherent set of operations responding to local objectives and needs, which is implemented through the implementation of actions related to the identified thematic areas, among those indicated in the sheet of Measure 19 of the RDP Puglia 2014-2020, and which contributes to the implementation of the Union's strategy for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. The local development strategy is designed and implemented by a local action group and must be innovative, integrated and multi-sectoral;

Less-favoured areas: areas with natural handicaps and constraints which result in a reduction in the economic and production performance of the agricultural holdings present, as defined in the specific Community Directives.