Communication Strategy

The communication, information and publicity strategy of the RDP of the Puglia Region 2014-2022 aims at its dissemination, promotion and information, in implementation of Regolmenti (EU) n. 1305/2013 and n. 808/2014.

The communication strategy: 

  • encourages the relationship between citizens, beneficiaries of funding actions, and the institutions (Region and European Union); 
  • supports the creation of networks between rural and extra-rural actors; promotes the economic development of the primary sector; 
  • stimulates public opinion to perceive and the media to describe the agricultural sector as an opportunity for growth and improvement of quality of life. 

The communication strategy adopted for the Rural Development Programme makes citizens aware of the opportunities for economic support for the agricultural sector, strengthening the sense of belonging to a territory and promoting the preservation and protection of our region. 

Read the full text of the Strategy of communication information and publicity of PSR Puglia Region 2014-2022.

Annual reports

Approved by Decision of the Regional Council (DGR) No 418 of 20 March 2018
Approved by Decision of the Regional Council (DGR) No 622 of 9 May 2017
Approved by Decision of the Regional Council (DGR) No 1079 of 19 July 2016
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