Visual Identity Manual

The Manual of Visual Identity is a useful guide for all communication activities promoted by PSR Puglia and funded projects: it helps to maintain a uniform and consistent stylistic identity in all contexts and communication situations. 

The Manual shows the birth and development of the logo, the description of all the graphic elements, the description of the chosen colour palette and the rules of use. 
The visual identity of the Rural Development Programme of the Apulia Region is fundamental to transmit to the outside world a deep bond with the territory, its sense of growth and the constant development of the Region. 

The trullo, the graphic elements and the colours that make up the logo, they all tell the story of Puglia and its tradition. 

The trullo is future-oriented while recalling the classic symbol of the Apulian territory which is now internationally recognized; the trullo is the evocative symbol of an architectural, craft and local food and wine culture. 

The chosen colour palette is representative of the natural elements of Apulia. 
The graphic elements that complete the central figures of the trulli recall the typical lines of the Apulian landscape. 

The payoff “COLTIVIAMO IDEE, RACCOGLIAMO FUTURO" completes the strong reference to rural culture and its development, as well as to the link with the territory. It talks now, promising future growth. 

Read the Brand Book RDP 2014-2020.

Download logos, fonts and other elements of RDP 2014-2020 in high resolution, vector and PDF format.