Bando Sottomisura 8.1 - 2022

Call for tender Submeasure 8.1 - 2022

Support for forestation and afforestation

The objective of Submeasure 8.1 is to increase the use, for forestry purposes, of agricultural and non-agricultural land (not already wooded) throughout the regional territory.

The tender, through the creation of new wooded areas, has the following objectives:

the increase in carbon sequestration and reduction of emissions into the atmosphere;

  • the increase of the regional forest area;
  • the protection of native forest genetic resources in situ;
  • the development of wood products compatible with the ecological and climatic conditions of the territory, in particular with the "fast growing species";
  • the development of woody productions compatible with the ecological and climatic conditions of the territory, in order to obtain woody assortments and/or non-woody forest products and/or agricultural or livestock products;
  • the improvement of the environmental conditions of the soil, air, water and mitigation and adaptation to climate change;
  • the conservation and protection of biodiversity by contributing to the establishment of forest habitats and related species habitats;
  • the promotion and improvement of sustainability, competitiveness and efficiency in the use of agricultural resources.

The beneficiaries are the public and private landowners, as well as their consortia, other owners of the surface subject to intervention. In the case of state-owned land, support can only be granted if the body managing this land is a private entity or a municipality.

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Pierfrancesco Semerari
Head of Submeasures 8.1, 8.6

Phone: 0805404367

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