Sottomisura 22.1

Submeasure 22.1

Exceptional temporary support for farmers and SMEs particularly affected by the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine


Agricultural entrepreneurs can access the loan pursuant to article 2135 of the civil code. They must have the following characteristics:
a) registration in the Business Register with code ATECO 01.4 "Animal breeding" or ATECO 01.5 "Agricultural crops associated with animal breeding (mixed activity)";
b) possession of animals in the company assets registered in the national register (BDN).


The purpose is to provide the widest possible support to companies affected by the effects of the war in Ukraine, and that these effects are distributed evenly with respect to potential beneficiaries, no selection criteria have been set. Therefore, all beneficiaries who meet the eligibility conditions will be eligible for funding.

Selection principles

At the time of submitting the application for support, the beneficiary must meet the following eligibility requirements:

1). be in business:

  • possession of the stable code detectable by BDN (National Data Bank), referring to the stables present in the territory of the Puglia Region
  • possession of the ATECO code: 01.4 and 01.5;
  • registration at the Chamber of Commerce;

2). not be in difficulty, pursuant to article 2, point 14, of Regulation (EU) no. 702/2014 of the Commission, of 25 June 2014, to 31 December 2019;

3). be in compliance with all legislative obligations towards social security institutions, as attested by the Single Document of Contribution Regularity (D.U.R.C.);

4). comply with the Cross-compliance Rules, which include a set of Criteria (CGO) and Standards (BCAA) for a farm management that respects the environment and pays attention to the wholesomeness of the products and the well-being of the farmed animals;

5). not having committed defaults/violations of the mandatory rules against Xylella (Regional Law 04/19/2021, n. 6, art. 3);

6). absence of serious crimes against the state and the EU.

Eligible expenditure 
The funding covers 100% of eligible expenses, up to a maximum of 15,000 euros per beneficiary.


Open call for tender

Misura 22
Call for tender Measure 22

Open call for tender


Misura 22

Call for tender Measure 22


Closed calls for tender

Exceptional temporary support for farmers and SMEs particularly affected by the impact of the Russian invasion of...



Determinazione Sezione Attuazione programmi comunitari per l'agricoltura n. 261 del 31.03.2023

Misura 22 - Provvedimento di concessione degli aiuti in favore dei soggetti richiedenti con esito istruttorio positivo

Determinazione Autorità di Gestione n. 25 del 07.02.2023

Misura 22 - Modifica degli articoli: 7, 9, 14 e 16 dell’Avviso pubblico approvato con Atto Dirigenziale n.1 del 17/01/2023

Determinazione Autorità di Gestione n. 1 del 17.01.2023

Sottomisura 22 - Sostegno temporaneo eccezionale a favore di agricoltori e PMI particolarmente colpiti dall’impatto dell’invasione russa dell’Ucraina (articolo 39 quater) - Avviso pubblico per la presentazione delle domande di sostegno

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Angela Anemolo
Head of State Aid - Measure 22

Phone: +39 080 5405198

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