Gal Valle della Cupa

Valle della Cupa srl LAG

Arnesano, Cavallino, Galatina, Lequile, Lizzanello, Monteroni, Novoli, San Donato, San Cesario di Lecce, San Pietro Lama, Squinzano, Surbo, Trepuzzi. 

The Valle della Cupa LAG covers an area of about 327 square kilometres. 


  • Recovering and retraining the typical elements of architecture and rural landscape to encourage the knowledge and enjoyment of tourism; 
  • enhanching the landscape, the historical, architectural and archaeological heritage with the integration of thematic routes for slow tourism; 
  • developing the multifunctionality of farms, accommodation and tourism services; 
  • supporting the creation and development of businesses to strengthen the offer of experiential tourism, hospitality and hospitality services; 
  • creating new agricultural and non-agricultural enterprises also with forms of network and supply chain; 
  • supporting the growth of human capital and strengthen the cultural identity of the area through the promotion of businesses and services. 

Financial measures 
Measure 19. 2 Amount of EAFRD: 5 million euros 
Measure 19. 4 Management and animation: 1 million and 250.000 euros

Total: 6 million euros and 250,000 euros