Gal Terra dei Trulli e di Barsento

Terra dei Trulli e di Barsento Scarl GAL

Alberobello, Castellana Grotte, Gioia del Colle, Monopoli, Noci, Putignano, Sammichele di Bari and Turi. 

Although overlooking the sea, the territory of the LAG Land of Trulli and Barsento has never abandoned its strong and cohesive rural connotation. The territory, rich in history and tradition, is a meeting of limestone, woods, farms, rock churches and trulli. It boasts excellent food and wine and wine products. 


  • Supporting innovative entrepreneurship in rural and coastal areas; 
  • promoting the rural world through seminars, workshops, study visits and inter-company exchanges; 
  • enhancing and protect the uniqueness of the area's intangible and cultural heritage; 
  • promoting sustainable development and strengthen the potential of the territory; 
  • retraining small-scale infrastructure, upgrading basic services, creating networks and infrastructure to provide tourist services and mobility. 

Financial measures 
Measure 19. 2 Amount of EAFRD: 3 million and 150,000 euros 
Measure 19. 2 Amount of EMFF: 1 million euros
Measure 19. 4 Management and animation: 1 million and 50,000 euros 

Total: 5 million euros and 200.000 euros