Gal Tavoliere

Tavoliere Scarl LAG

Cerignola, Carapelle, Ordona, Orta Nova, Stornara, Stornarella. 

The territory of the LAG extends on a surface equal to 829,88 square kilometres with a population of 95. 223 inhabitants. The reference area is characterized by a strong specialized agricultural vocation and a rich popular history. 


  • Promoting the process of integration, both vertical and horizontal, of local production; 
  • stimulating technological, organisational and social innovation in the production chains; 
  • enhancing popular culture; 
  • improving local services; 
  • promoting the start-up of new companies in the non-agricultural field (transformation, personal services, reception, digital economy; 
  • providing for structural and infrastructural investments to create multi-functional centres; 
  • encouraging cooperation between companies to develop projects related to logistics and marketing of production. 

Financial measures 
Measure 19. 2 Amount EAFRD 3 million and 461,000 euros 
Measure 19. 4 Management and animation 847,000 euros 
Total 4 million and 308,000 euros