Gal Capo di Leuca

Capo di Leuca Scarl LAG

Alessano, Alliste, Casarano, Castrignano del Capo, Corsano, Gagliano del Capo, Matino, Melissano, Miggiano, Montesano Salentino, Morciano di Leuca, Patù, Presicce-Acquarica, Racale, Ruffano, Salve, Specchia, Taurisano, Taviano, Tiggiano, Tricase e Ugento.

The territory preserves an important historical and cultural heritage, which requires a planned, coordinated, unitary and inclusive management. 


  • Restoring value, role and attractiveness to the historical, physical and relational components of the territorial systems of the district; 
  • combating the ageing process and creating new employment opportunities for young people; 
  • enhancing the cultural heritage and the artistic heritage linked to the territory; 
  • regenerating urban centres and rural areas by creating inclusive activities for the community and people in need of special attention. 

Financial measures 
Measure 19. 2  Amount of EAFRD: 5 million and 800,000 euros 
Measure 19. 4  Management and animation: 1 million and 448,000 euros 

Total: 7 million and 248,000 euros