Bando Sottomisura 4.1.A - 2019

Call for tender Submeasure 4.1.A - 2019

Support for tangible and intangible investments aimed at improving the profitability, competitiveness and sustainability of individual and associated farms

The call supports, with a budget of 35 million euros, structural investments aimed at improving the profitability, competitiveness and sustainability of farms, in particular:

  • new construction and modernisation of rural buildings for use in agricultural production; and animal husbandry;
  • purchase of new machinery and equipment, including computer software;
  • construction of biomass storage facilities on the farm;
  • carrying out interventions on existing productive agricultural rural buildings, in order to improve efficiency energy;
  • construction of new specialised tree cultivation installations;
  • modernisation of existing farm irrigation systems with innovative systems that favour improving irrigation efficiency and optimizing the use of irrigation resources;
  • creation of new innovative company irrigation systems;
  • modernization of primary distribution networks that allow savings and improvements the efficiency of the distribution system;
  • construction/modernisation of rainwater collection reservoirs;
  • purchase of agricultural land; 
  • construction/modernisation of storage facilities for farm produce;
  • purchase of innovative plant, machinery and equipment for processing and/or transformation and/or marketing of products in a short supply chain.

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Determinazione Autorità di Gestione n. 83 del 31.05.2022

Misure non connesse alle superfici e agli animali – Disposizioni generali in merito alla trasparenza e tracciabilità dei documenti giustificativi di spesa: ulteriori specificazioni e integrazioni

Determinazione Autorità di gestione n. 129 del 14 05 2019.pdf

Sottomisura 4.1.A - Approvazione secondo avviso pubblico presentazione delle domande di sostegno

Determinazione Autorità di gestione n. 233 del 15 07 2019.pdf

Sottomisura 4.1.A - Revoca avviso pubblico ai sensi dell'art. 21 quinques della L. 241/1990


Modesto Pedote
Head of Submeasure 4.1.A

Phone: +39 080 5405176

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