Call for tender Submeasure 4.3 A 

Submeasure 4.3.A

Support for investments in irrigation infrastructure


Beneficiaries are:

  • the Apulia Region; 
  • the entities that operate or sell public water systems and networks. 

Beneficiaries must comply with the Community rules on water saving and the characteristics of the investment set out in the measure sheet. 


To optimise existing water distribution systems. Specifically: 

  • modernising supply and distribution networks; 
  • completing irrigation schemes and interconnection works; 
  • restoring deteriorated nets; 
  • building rainwater reservoirs with a volume of less than 250,000 cubic meters.
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null Call for tender Submeasure 4.3 A 

Call for tender Submeasure 4.3 A 

Support for investments in irrigation infrastructure 

The call supports structural public interest investments located throughout Apulia Region aimed

  • to improve and adjust active regional wells, managed by Arif, the regional agency for irrigation and forestry activities, with installation of meters  and counters of the extraction and distribution systems;
  • improve and adjust regional wells aimed at water and energy efficiency.

Support may be request by ARIF, as regional agency.

Interventions eligible for support

  • must pursue the objectives of saving and improving the energy efficiency of system involving pumping of water;
  • must related active wells of Apulia Region managed by Arif according to the improvement, adaption and  efficiency criteria of existitng infrastructural system; 
  • must provide, in case of absence, according to Reg. UE n.1305/2013 art. 46, the installation, as an investment, of meters for the measurement of consumption.

Wells subject to intervention shall be active according to existing legislation.

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Closed call



Determinazione Autorità di Gestione n. 83 del 31.05.2022

Misure non connesse alle superfici e agli animali – Disposizioni generali in merito alla trasparenza e tracciabilità dei documenti giustificativi di spesa: ulteriori specificazioni e integrazioni

Determinazione Autorità di Gestione n. 617 del 16.12.2021

Sottomisura 4.3 - Operazione A - Provvedimento di concessione degli aiuti in favore dell’Agenzia Regionale per le Attività Irrigue e Forestali

Determinazione Autorità di Gestione n. 616 del 14.12.2021

Sottomisura 4.3 - Operazione A - Approvazione versione finale vigente dell’Allegato A alla DAdG n.602 del 23.11.2021 a seguito di conclusione della procedura di modifica dei criteri di selezione con nota n. AOO_001/PSR/29-11-2021/0001592 e approvazione del testo finale della DAdG n.583 del 09.11.2021

Determinazione Autorità di Gestione n. 602 del 23.11.2021

Sottomisura 4.3 - Operazione A - Disposizioni attuative per la presentazione della domanda di sostegno. Modifiche e integrazioni.

State of implementation of the submeasure


loans granted


projects funded

* The data are updated to May 20, 2022


Erika Molino
Head of Submeasures 4.3.A, 4.3.B, 4.3.C

Phone: +39 080 5405973

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