PSN 2023-2027

Apulia rural development 2023-2027

The National Strategic Plan CAP 2023-2027 has been approved by the European Commission on 2 December 2022. The plan implements a unitary strategy by combining the tools of the Common Agricultural Policy and those of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan.

The objectives of the Plan concern the strengthening of the competitiveness of the system from a sustainable point of view and  the resilience and vitality of rural territories. The Plan has the aim to promote agricultural work e quality forestry and job security,  support the ability to activate exchanges of knowledge, research and innovations and the optimization of the governance system.

In the National Strategic Plan, rural development interventions are planned as “national interventions with regional specifications”, thus taking into account the specific characteristics of agricultural systems agro-food and forestry and rural areas, from an economic, social and territorial point of view. 

The Region therefore plans and integrates the provisions of the PSN with regional specifications.

For the Apulia Region, the Regional Complement for Rural Development (CSR 2023-2027) has been approved by the Regional Council Resolution no. 1788 of 05.12.2022. It identifies 42 interventions, through which intend to implement the following strategic lines:

  • strengthen the Apulian leadership in organic production;
  • improve the competitiveness of regional supply chains, in particular protect and modernize the olive and livestock sector;
  • improve the production conditions of farms (soil, water, rural infrastructure) and encourage innovative investments;
  • promote generational renewal in agriculture;
  • promote interventions that are simple to implement;
  • favor entrepreneurs who live mainly from agriculture (agricultural entrepreneurs, professionals and direct farmers);
  • encourage investments that offer greater employment prospects and guaranteed businesses quality agricultural work;
  • promote associations and cooperation in a structured way;
  • promote quality schemes for regional products;
  • support companies investing in areas with natural handicaps.

The implementation of the interventions envisages, in the 2023-2027 programming period, a financial envelope public total of 1,205,795,514 euros.