Bando Sottomisura 6.1

Call for tender Submeasure 6. 1

Start-up aid for  young farmers and to the sub-measures/operations included in the youth package

The call for proposals, with a total budget of 120 million euros, is aimed at encouraging young people to set up in farming, aged between 18 and 40, and the structural adaptation of their farm to:

  • to support the access of young entrepreneurs to agriculture also in order to create innovative companies oriented towards the development of new products and new commercial outlets; 
  • maintain and consolidate the socio-economic fabric in rural areas to ensure the maintenance of viable and productive farms in the constant exercise of agricultural activity; 
  • to ensure a generational change in line with the renewed economic and social reference framework for agriculture and the role it must play in society.

The warning is activated in the so-called "Integrated Package" mode, consisting of the calls for tenders of the:

  • operation 4.1.B 'Support for tangible and intangible investments made by young farmers setting up for the first time with the support of Measure 6.1;
  • submeasure 6.4 'Investments in the creation and development of non-agricultural activities';
  • submeasure 3.1 'Support for the new participation in quality schemes'.

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Closed call


Mariateresa D'Arcangelo 
Head of Submeasures 4.1.B, 6.1

Phone: +39 080 5405226

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