Bando Sottomisura 3.2 - 2017

Call for tender Submeasure 3.2 - 2017

Support for information and promotion activities carried out by Producer Associations in the internal market

The call, with a budget of 500,000 euros, covers the costs arising from information and promotion activities carried out by producer associations in the internal market, relating to products under quality schemes recognized under Submeasure 3.1, which encourages farms to participate in quality schemes.

Promotion and information activities include the following actions:

  • organisation of information and promotion activities for the target groups concerned aimed at disseminating knowledge of the quality schemes applied (existence, meaning, advantages, etc.);
  • information and publicity actions through the use of the mass media concerning the production processes and the agricultural techniques used, as well as the qualitative, nutritional, health and organoleptic properties and food safety, the traceability of agricultural products linked to the food quality systems concerned. The actions can also be aimed at making the consumer aware of the sustainability and ethicality of the products obtained with the quality schemes;
  • participation in events, fairs, exhibitions and similar events.

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Lucrezia De Lucia
Head of Measures 3, 9

Tel: +39 080 5405253

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