Bando Sottomisura 10.1.3 - 2016

Call for tender Submeasure 10.1.3 - 2016

Conservation Agriculture

The call for proposals of Submeasure 10.1.3, with an initial total financial amount of 20 million euros, supports measures to conserve the agricultural and natural environment, aimed at combating the risk of hydrogeological erosion, which involves soil loss, particularly in the cultivated areas of the hilly areas of Apulia, from the Dauno Apennines to the Murgia, from Salento to the Gargano and the Bradanica Trench.

The operation aims to promote the spread of techniques of no tillage (NT) on arable land, in order to protect the soil resource from erosion and disintegration of the structure, which also lead to greater mineralization of organic matter.

The only allowed working method is the "strip till" or strip working, which involves sowing in rows more than 30 cm apart (e.g. industrial crops) with machines that perform a surface working not exceeding 10 cm wide. Equipped machines that cause the soil to mix vertically cannot be used and therefore the use of working parts driven by the tractor's power take-off is excluded. The use of decompactors and/or subsoilers is permitted in the event of unfavourable soil and climatic conditions (water stagnation, soil compaction, etc.), which are specifically justified. 

The commitment for the type of operation 10.1.3, regardless of the crop in place, is 5 years from the submission of the Application for Support (Dds).

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Marcello Scarpino
Head of Submeasures 10.1.2, 10.1.3


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